Thursday, September 6, 2012

Drinking Club with a Book Problem

Remember when I told you I started a book club?

Well last night was the first meet up and will have to say, this club (not just because I created it) is the bomb dot com!

So here's the skinny on how our club was created:
1) One book a month
2) A different person of the group is considered the "host" and picks the book, the end date & meet up spot.
3) We wanted to make sure this was a club where adult beverages were included, hence the witty name: Drinking Club with a Book Problem.
4) Basically just a reason to get together with the gals, have a few drinks while including a little intellectual stimulation to our minds.

Sounds perfect right? RIGHT!

So we met last night for Happy Hour & Dinner. Once everyone showed up, we did a little introduction and then had discussion points about the book. I thought it was a long shot to get girls together for happy hour and really talk in depth about a silly book, but it went so much better then I had hoped! I think it really helped that the book we read this month was amazing and everyone loved it!

The book we read last month was Where We Belong by Emily Giffin. It is about this woman who lives in NYC with what looks like this perfect life until someone shows up to her home one night unlocking a past she thought was hidden forever. 

The book is well written and keeps you wanting to know more. The only down fall that the majority of the group agreed on, is the ending kinda left you hanging, wanting to know what was next, so we were not impressed.

But this book gets the Drinking Club with a Book Problem's stamp of approval & recommendation.

Another reason to read this book? It has been picked up to become a movie! The author actually has 5 blockbuster novels which shows you that she rocks with the story tellin'!

Our book for this month:
This is more of a suspense physiological thriller about a marriage gone bad, a wife murdered and a husband trying to prove his innocence while realizing his wife was not who she seemed to be.
Perfect right before Halloween! 
So our first club picture, not everyone but the majority. So much fun and I can't wait to do it again in October!



  1. Looks like a blast! I'll have to read that book now, I've read all of Emily Giffin's other ones!! :)

  2. What a great idea, a book club!
    Emily Griffin is a great writer, easy for me because I am not a big reader! =)



  3. I just read Something Borrowed and Something Blue and loved both! Excited to read more from her.

  4. Fun! That second book sounds really good