Thursday, May 31, 2012

DC or Bust!

It's my Friday-WAHOO! And in a few short hours I will be headed to this place....
Welllll I will not be going inside obviously, but I am headed to Washington DC where I will probably be right outside the gates! I am taking 2 (that's right TWO) cameras. I have been to DC before but never as an adult so I am excited to relive what I remember as a child.
Let me introduce you to my travel crew...
This here is my dear friend Leigh Ann. Her mother works for Continental (I know it is now United, but I am loyal to the brand) so she flies for free. Lucky little lady. I would totally ride those coat tails if I could-and trust me, I have tried. But there was something to do with adoption and I think my mother would miss me too much ;)
This is my spicy red headed roommate Heather. She absolutely loves DC. And let me tell you, once she found out we were going, she certainly did invite her self and bought a ticket quicker then we could even think to say yes! Either way, she is a good time and I am excited she is coming!
Wesley is the only boy traveling with us until we get to DC. Man do I feel bad for him. He knows exactly what he is getting himself into though. He knows us girls extremely well and what crazy people we are. The picture is a little misleading. He is not as "gangsta" as he is making himself look. I mean he is from H-Town, but he is super sweet to all us girls!
Now this guy is the whole reason we are headed to DC. This is Coleman. And as you can see, he went to Texas's okay we still love him though and don't judge [only kidding]. Coleman is kind of a big deal in DC---this is where he works:
That's right, on the Hill. It's almost like we know a famous person....almost. So we are bringing Texas up to DC to take lots of pictures. I hope you are ready Coleman! We are coming for you in about 7 hours! Now does anyone have any suggestions on eat/drink/site see/things to do in DC? Or maybe just your favorite exhibits? Thanks, have a great weekend dear blog world....

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Burnt Cheeks

Soooo I have been living out of a suitcase for the past 5 nights. I wanted to recap about my weekend a little sooner then now but the AC in my house was out and this girl could not bear to stay there until it was fixed. This Texas heat is a killer at night when you are trying to get some beauty sleep! It's already hard enough to come back to reality after a mini vacay-but to come back and not be able to stay in your house just adds to the stress. I have been in 2 different hotels the past 2 nights and am praying I can sleep in my own bed tonight. Wish me luck!!

So about this weekend.....
always need a good floppy hat
good to have a large layout float for a nice tan-or burnt cheeks [and not the cheeks on my face-whoops] 
Great friends!
newbie initiation-squeeze the juice! or tequila in this case
 wall o' beer-check
Ingredients for 'Bitches Delight' [basically anything you can find in the house]
some more squeezing the juice...seems to happen a lot at the lake...don't judge!

A couple of things to touch on. My friend Katie purchased this HUGE float that sat 6 people, had a lay out ledge and also contained 2 side coolers. It was like a blow up yacht-well not really-but it really was ginormous. I was all about that lay out ledge because my pale skin was crying for some sun light. Well after day 1 my little bum had been sitting up there for so long with my cheeks in the air that it is anything but pale anymore! 

*Bitches Delight* This came about by literally adding anything you can find in the house to make some homemade punch. It tastes different each time, but always has the same effect ;) 
*Squeeze the Juice* this requires anything with a pour spout. In the situations above, it is tequila that has been infused for several days with fruit. I don't do tequila, not my thang, but I did loose at flip cup one night and had to try it once. It was not too bad...but let me tell you, I did not loose at flip cup again!

Great friends + perfect lake weather + booze. lots of booze = a really really really great time. Memorial Day usually constitutes the first day of summer for me. It is the first time to be in the sun, soaking up the rays while hanging out with some of my favorite people. How did you spend your Memorial Day Weekend? I hope it was really great!

Friday, May 25, 2012

It's Finally Here!

I have been waiting for this specific Friday to arrive for a while now for many reasons:
1) Get to leave work early-YES PLEASE!
2) Headed to see some really wonderful back home people that I miss dearly
3) I am going to be sun bathing and consuming adult beverages all.weekend.long. (apologies ahead of time to my body)
4) 3 day weekend-need I say more
So below may or may not be happening starting tonight until Monday afternoon.
[clips from last years fun filled weekend at the lake]

And you know it is going to be a great time when your friend sends you a picture of this....
All I know is these people make me happy, we never have anything but a fantastic time together and my legs are white and need a much needed date with the sun.

1) Leigh Ann and I at the Girls Night Out Event in downtown at the Fashion Industry Gallery. It was about 40 different up and coming vendors and designers. 2) Oh, ya know, just me and Dita Von Teese hanging out. Look at my legs! I've never seen them look better---just kidding obviously. 3) A new mixed drink I tried and LOVED. Perfect for the summer, light and refreshing. 4) My beautiful red headed roommate and her new hair cut. Her hair was longer than mine and she chopped it all off. I don't have that kind of courage but she has me thinking about cutting off more than just the normal inch trim....

I hope you all have a great 3-day weekend...until next week blogger world...

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

It's Official....

....I'm a hoarder?! Goodness, it feels good to get that out there. No, but seriously, I would never normally call myself that, then I decided to go through the clothes in my closet. Let me preface by saying that the last time I remember going through my clothes was probably when I left home for college [over 7 years ago].
And this is when I became a hoarder apparently. I am for the most part a very organized person. But I guess I never thought to myself in all my move ins/outs to clean out what I don't wear anymore. So as I took on this daunting task I found-old clothes, new clothes, never worn clothes, clothes with tags still on them, clothes that no longer fit, friend's clothes, clothes I never knew existed-needless to say, a lot that needed to go. My mother would kill me if she saw all of this happening in front of her. I mean really, clothes with tags still on them! Oh goodness. Does anyone else have this issue or is it just me? You find cute things and either forget you bought them or just purchased it because it was a good deal. And maybe, just maybe, you would find an outing to wear it to? I clearly have a problem people, I just hope I am not the only one! Please see below:
The piles forming + my little puppy Tucker
 Finally got it all [overflowing] into one box
was not too thrilled about going down the stairs-this box was HEAVY!

Now, these bad boys, I just couldn't get rid of. They are just wayyy too pretty and I actually wear most of these!

I am sure that there was more to get rid of, but I just couldn't part with all of it so soon. Baby Steps. Maybe in another 7 years we can do this again-NOT. I am on top of my problem people, going to anonymous classes, focusing on my spending habits and will make sure I keep up with my closet from here on out. I am just happy I am not in this deep....
Have a great day!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Wine O'Clock

Sooo I created this blog late last week and didn't really know what I thought would happen. But after so many "welcomes" to this new world, it made me that much more excited to continue on. So THANK YOU to all of your kind words…and a special thank you to my dear friend Stephanie who took the time to clean this page up a bit. It looks much better than what I started with...Now onto my weekend re-cap.
There was a living social deal a while back for a 6 person limo ride to 3 vineyards in North Texas and a picnic lunch. This had my name all over it for a few reasons…
1)      I really love a good deal
2)      I am always looking for something new that I haven't done before
3)      This was a picture takin’ opportunity at its finest
4)      Being able to have a few glasses of wine and let a limo drive you around …I was SOLD! So Saturday finally rolled around and we hopped in this limo and headed north! And by north I mean like 5 miles from the Oklahoma boarder. Our first stop was at Homestead Winery where we met the cutest lady who did our tastings for us in this beautiful old Victorian style home that was over 100 years old. This is also where we ate our lunch on a cute patio outside.
Next stop-Lenoir-Sage Vineyard. They are more focused on the alcohol content of the wine and let me tell ya, they had it going on! I don’t think many of us could finish a full tasting, it was intense!
Our last stop was by far everyone’s absolute favorite. It was so beautiful and a perfect place for some photo ops...Grayson Hills Winery was the perfect way to end the day....
[we even climbed in some trees]
I don't know that I would revisit the first 2 wineries, but I would absolutely love going back to Grayson Hills Winery and spending the entire day there just relaxing, sitting on the deck, enjoying some sun AND wine of course! 
It was such a great girls day that once we were dropped back off at home, I think everyone passed out and took a little nap. It's exhausting having so much fun! Which makes me think of the next months coming up. Almost every weekend until mid October is already booked up. It could or could not have to do with being in 2 more weddings this year. That's right two MORE, I was already in one this year and I have a couple more to go....And although it makes me exhausted just thinking about it all, I am super excited because it is all fun with great friends! I am really excited about Memorial Day Weekend in 5 days!!! I will be on the lake getting my tan on for the 3 day holiday weekend. I hope you all have fun plans as well!

Thursday, May 17, 2012


Hello Blogger World! 

Today is my first blog. I don't even know if I have done anything right. I know my page should probably be prettier, have more things to click on and in better shape than you see here but I could barely figure out how to do what you see now! I promise I will work on it to make it more enjoyable for your pretty little eyes, but I do know one thing. I'm now in this crazy bloggy world and really kinda excited about this! I never thought this is something I would do until I started reading one of my good friends Stephanie's Blog. Ever since college she has been off the Facebook scene and my new way of keeping up with her [aka stalking] is to read her blog. Well once I starting doing that my clicky fingers went to other peoples blogs that I knew just reading and catching up until one day I was reading peoples blogs from all over the country that were so wonderful, inspirational, funny and felt a lot like me. I mean-if you follow me on the FB then you know pretty much everything I am doing. I like sharing and documenting my life. 

1) Because I have the worst memory in the world and can't ever remember my day to day life 
2) I love me some picture takin' and who wouldn't want to see all the fun things
& 3) I think its really sad when you have such wonderful people in your life that you can't see and talk to everyday and gosh darn it I still want to know you are alive and kickin!

So this here ends my very first blog! Oh how exciting. I will be posting more things to come, I just wanted a trial run to check it all out. This weekend 6 of us will be picked up in a limo and taken the the North Texas Wine Country-excited is an understatement. Happy Reading, I hope you like it!