Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Newest Sounds & Downloads

Here are some new sounds I recently have been addicted to that I thought I would share!


Any recommendations on some new tracks?!

I love just about anything and everything and love being introduced to new music!

Monday, September 17, 2012

My weekend through my iPhone

Good morning blogger world!

It is not such a good morning for me because I did what I try ever so hard not to do....

I took a day nap yesterday/


Because of that I was up all night and couldn't go back to sleep....So today will consist of me telling my eye lids to pleasssssse stay open and ensuring myself that my key board and forehead will not meet randomly at some point today.

But what is keeping me up right now is the excitement to show you what my weekend looked like. I only have the pics from my iPhone, but trust you will still get a good idea of my weekend at GrapFest that did not get rained out!

So we were celebrating this girl's birthday!
I met Brittany in college...
We got jobs with the same company but went to do different things within the company after college in different places. Little did I know the world would put us back together this year when she moved back to Texas to take a job in my office!

So we have been reunited and we celebrated this weekend at GrapeFest.

But first was BRUNCH!

Let me just tell you, Brittany and her roommate Sarah put on thier own birthday brunch and it was amazing. There was so much good food, fancy desserts and no brunch is complete without Mimosas. And let me tell you, the champagne was flowing. 15 bottlers in a cooler. Real fancy!

And remember this girl? Well I got to spend the WHOLE day with her!
1. Main Street in Grapevine for GrapeFest
2. Grape Man, really cracked me up!
3. I didn't have one glass of wine at GrapeFest, go figure! I was all about those Lime-a-ritas that Bud Light makes, so stinkin' good!
4. Red Velvet Funnel Cake with Powdered Sugar AND Cream Cheese Icing - I Died!
And then the birthday girl may or may not have talked me into entering a grape stomping contest. The grapes were cold and it was a lot harder to get the juice than I thought! But we WON and that is all that matters....

Hope you all had a great weekend as well....I know this may not come as a shock to a lot of you who follow, but it's a 4 day work week for me. I am off on Friday to head back out of town for some more wedding events! I'll let you in later this week.


Friday, September 14, 2012

Oh Hey Friday!

Dear Friday, I am so happy we are not traveling together today. We get to stay in town, snuggle up in our own bed and most importantly not have an agenda.
Dear Rain, I know you showed up last night and the weather man says you could possibly be staying over the weekend, but I wish for you to leave. I was really excited about going to GrapeFest this weekend. I mean who doesn't need another wine tasting event in their life?
Dear Ben & Jerry's Greek Frozen Yogurt, why do you have to be soooo delicious. I really cannot pass you up in the store anymore and just have to bring you home. At least you are some what okay to indulge in.  My only request is that we ex the Peanut Butter Banana and add another flavor like Caramel Sea Salt Pretzel. Other than that I am in LOVE with the other 3 :)
Dear Long Flowing Straight Brown Hair, you are boring me. There is nothing to you, I don't know how to style you in cute fun ways and you are not growing to the length I want you to be. So I am not sure what to do with you next, but after all these weddings in October you may be getting a little snip snip and color. Not a promise, but definitely in the back of my mind.
Dear Eli Young Band, Can you pah-leaaaaase bring your cute little butt down to the Big D. Or even H-town! I would love to hear your voice in concert so we can make sweet melodies together...Only I don't know how sweet my voice would make it....
Dear War Horse the play, I truly enjoyed seeing you on Wednesday evening! It was really neat to see how you made a whole script about a real live horse come to life without having a real live horse! It was a great play with great acting and I even may have jumped a time or two with all the loud gun shots! Along with that, Dear my job, thanks for the free tickets! Gotta love company benefits! And finally Dear Winspear Opera House, thank you for such a lovely evening. The complimentary reception & bar were a great way to start the night. Now, if I can some how round up some tickets for Jekyll & Hyde I would be one happy little girl :)
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Inspire Me: Healthy - Back in the groove

So last week I was a little lazy unmotivated but I have been traveling so much it's hard to keep up sometimes. But this week has been a good one! I'm back on track and in the groove of my daily routine. The best part about this week? I don't have to go out of town again, thank God.
My link up today is all about lately. I am training for a half marathon on November 11, 2012. The Rock'n'Roll in San Antonio 
{wish me luck, no really, like lots & lots}
So because of that, I have been training & running & running & running & training! 
All In My Twenties
Saturday: Ran 6 miles
Sunday: Day off
Monday: Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred
Tuesday: Ran 3 miles
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Tonight I will run 
Friday: I hope to do The Shred again
Saturday: Another long run set for 6 miles!

Let me tell ya, I am not one of those people that get the running bug. I am not addicted or some high from doing it. I really just get bored after 3 miles and just don't want to run anymore. But it was a goal of mine to do at least one half and that's what I'm doing!
So there you have it, back on track. Gotta keep it up to see results not to mention I don't wish to DIE in November.... Until then I will have to keep runnnnnnnnnnnning.......

Monday, September 10, 2012

Weekend Update {just another out of town post}

Yes, I was out of town again for yet another weekend. And although I love my friends dearly, I cannot wait until October 15. That marks the day in my calendar when my life slows down.
It can sometimes be overwhelming, but I have had a pretty eventful year & summer and wouldn't miss the fun for anything.
So here is just another out of town Weekend Update link up. I don't know what the hells I will write about when I become boring with no plans, but hopefully I don't become a hermit - NEVER!
This weekend I went back home for a few birthday celebrations.
Birthday Dinner for my sister at Benihana! Our cousin Olivia spent the weekend with us, so we had a lot of family fun!
Then on Saturday I had a couple friends over for some pool time.
 Birthday Girls!
Saturday night we stayed at the Hotel Icon in Downtown Houston. It was so beautiful and the bathroom was to die for. It was crazy that all of us girls could all get ready in the same place. That never happens!
Then our on the town for some birthday celebrations!
I got to see a lot of people I love and miss so much. It's always nice to go home :)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Drinking Club with a Book Problem

Remember when I told you I started a book club?

Well last night was the first meet up and will have to say, this club (not just because I created it) is the bomb dot com!

So here's the skinny on how our club was created:
1) One book a month
2) A different person of the group is considered the "host" and picks the book, the end date & meet up spot.
3) We wanted to make sure this was a club where adult beverages were included, hence the witty name: Drinking Club with a Book Problem.
4) Basically just a reason to get together with the gals, have a few drinks while including a little intellectual stimulation to our minds.

Sounds perfect right? RIGHT!

So we met last night for Happy Hour & Dinner. Once everyone showed up, we did a little introduction and then had discussion points about the book. I thought it was a long shot to get girls together for happy hour and really talk in depth about a silly book, but it went so much better then I had hoped! I think it really helped that the book we read this month was amazing and everyone loved it!

The book we read last month was Where We Belong by Emily Giffin. It is about this woman who lives in NYC with what looks like this perfect life until someone shows up to her home one night unlocking a past she thought was hidden forever. 

The book is well written and keeps you wanting to know more. The only down fall that the majority of the group agreed on, is the ending kinda left you hanging, wanting to know what was next, so we were not impressed.

But this book gets the Drinking Club with a Book Problem's stamp of approval & recommendation.

Another reason to read this book? It has been picked up to become a movie! The author actually has 5 blockbuster novels which shows you that she rocks with the story tellin'!

Our book for this month:
This is more of a suspense physiological thriller about a marriage gone bad, a wife murdered and a husband trying to prove his innocence while realizing his wife was not who she seemed to be.
Perfect right before Halloween! 
So our first club picture, not everyone but the majority. So much fun and I can't wait to do it again in October!


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

River Bach' Partaaaay

I made it out of the weekend alive! A little tired (as to why I didn't update you lovelies yesterday) but still kickin. And before I leave again for another out of town weekend again I better let you in on this past one because it was a good one!
Texas county, river floatin, ballin' weekend house, two-steppin, great friends made for a pretty darn good weekend. Especially because it was an EXTRA day loooong :)
We were celebrating these two love birds
That's my longest known best friend Chendra. We have known each other for 16 years since we were in Junior High. And that is her fiance David. They had a joint Bachelor/ette party weekend in New Braunfels, TX.
A lot of this happened:
From flip cup, to shot guns to toasts & cheers, there was a lot consumed adult beverages...
Also, we may or may not have made a slip & slide in the back yard
Super duper fun.
We also floated the hell-o operator outta the river
And you can't go out to New Braunfels and not put on your boots for some two-steppin at Gruene Hall!
Now I have to somehow get my body to recover in 3 days because I'm heading right back out of town this weekend. Gah-dang, I need vacations from my vacations!
Have a great week, toodles!