Thursday, July 12, 2012

Number One


ok, ok, I know I don't really have fans, but my dear friend Meg swears she is the number one fan of this blog. It really makes my heart smile to think that people really do read my nonsense. I mean I started this blog because I post a lot on the 'ol FB but I don't feel like there was enough space for me to express and share it all (I know I am a little kooky) I truly believe that I have the worst memory and need Ginkgo Biloba in my life stat! So the blog was meant for friends & family that want to keep up and also to my future sanity when I may not be able to remember how fun I used to be and also for my far far farrrr future little babies so they know mama was a cool kid.

Anyway, back to the reason for this blog. I just met Meg not to long ago. I had already been in Dallas for almost a year and Meg just moved from Denver! She is the sweetest little thing ever. Here are multiple reasons why I knew we would be friends:
1) She loves pictures, I love pictures
2) She has an obsession with writing everything on the calendar, as do I. Organization is key people!
3) She loves color coordinating with great writing utensils and I love me a good colored Sharpie.
4) She has a contagious laugh and what do ya know, I LOVE TO LAUGH!
5) We both have brown hair that we are trying to get it as healthy as possible, always trying new products and we love to be tan.
6) She is just as silly as I am and whenever I get real crazy, she goes right a long with it and doesn't judge. Just ask to see her Hunchback of Notre Dame walk or how she would shift shapes. You would truly love her after spending time with her.
This my friends, is my number one bloggy fan :)

And even when I come into work this exact morning to post what I have already written about her, she still surprises me...
Isn't she just the sweetest little thing ever ?! She is always trying to make every one's day. Well Meg, I hope this makes your day. To be on the blog and have a whole post just to yourself. I hope it makes you feel just like you make others feel! SPECIAL :)
Thank you for reading, everyone! it really makes me smile!!!