Friday, May 25, 2012

It's Finally Here!

I have been waiting for this specific Friday to arrive for a while now for many reasons:
1) Get to leave work early-YES PLEASE!
2) Headed to see some really wonderful back home people that I miss dearly
3) I am going to be sun bathing and consuming adult beverages all.weekend.long. (apologies ahead of time to my body)
4) 3 day weekend-need I say more
So below may or may not be happening starting tonight until Monday afternoon.
[clips from last years fun filled weekend at the lake]

And you know it is going to be a great time when your friend sends you a picture of this....
All I know is these people make me happy, we never have anything but a fantastic time together and my legs are white and need a much needed date with the sun.

1) Leigh Ann and I at the Girls Night Out Event in downtown at the Fashion Industry Gallery. It was about 40 different up and coming vendors and designers. 2) Oh, ya know, just me and Dita Von Teese hanging out. Look at my legs! I've never seen them look better---just kidding obviously. 3) A new mixed drink I tried and LOVED. Perfect for the summer, light and refreshing. 4) My beautiful red headed roommate and her new hair cut. Her hair was longer than mine and she chopped it all off. I don't have that kind of courage but she has me thinking about cutting off more than just the normal inch trim....

I hope you all have a great 3-day weekend...until next week blogger world...


  1. Thank you! I certainly did...Hope you did as well.