Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Burnt Cheeks

Soooo I have been living out of a suitcase for the past 5 nights. I wanted to recap about my weekend a little sooner then now but the AC in my house was out and this girl could not bear to stay there until it was fixed. This Texas heat is a killer at night when you are trying to get some beauty sleep! It's already hard enough to come back to reality after a mini vacay-but to come back and not be able to stay in your house just adds to the stress. I have been in 2 different hotels the past 2 nights and am praying I can sleep in my own bed tonight. Wish me luck!!

So about this weekend.....
always need a good floppy hat
good to have a large layout float for a nice tan-or burnt cheeks [and not the cheeks on my face-whoops] 
Great friends!
newbie initiation-squeeze the juice! or tequila in this case
 wall o' beer-check
Ingredients for 'Bitches Delight' [basically anything you can find in the house]
some more squeezing the juice...seems to happen a lot at the lake...don't judge!

A couple of things to touch on. My friend Katie purchased this HUGE float that sat 6 people, had a lay out ledge and also contained 2 side coolers. It was like a blow up yacht-well not really-but it really was ginormous. I was all about that lay out ledge because my pale skin was crying for some sun light. Well after day 1 my little bum had been sitting up there for so long with my cheeks in the air that it is anything but pale anymore! 

*Bitches Delight* This came about by literally adding anything you can find in the house to make some homemade punch. It tastes different each time, but always has the same effect ;) 
*Squeeze the Juice* this requires anything with a pour spout. In the situations above, it is tequila that has been infused for several days with fruit. I don't do tequila, not my thang, but I did loose at flip cup one night and had to try it once. It was not too bad...but let me tell you, I did not loose at flip cup again!

Great friends + perfect lake weather + booze. lots of booze = a really really really great time. Memorial Day usually constitutes the first day of summer for me. It is the first time to be in the sun, soaking up the rays while hanging out with some of my favorite people. How did you spend your Memorial Day Weekend? I hope it was really great!

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  1. ugh LOVE those big ol' floats!! We have on that we use at the lake and it is THE best thing ever. Why didn't we ever invent that?!

    Is that Katie Ashmore I spy?! Tell her butt I say hello, wouldya?!