Monday, May 21, 2012

Wine O'Clock

Sooo I created this blog late last week and didn't really know what I thought would happen. But after so many "welcomes" to this new world, it made me that much more excited to continue on. So THANK YOU to all of your kind words…and a special thank you to my dear friend Stephanie who took the time to clean this page up a bit. It looks much better than what I started with...Now onto my weekend re-cap.
There was a living social deal a while back for a 6 person limo ride to 3 vineyards in North Texas and a picnic lunch. This had my name all over it for a few reasons…
1)      I really love a good deal
2)      I am always looking for something new that I haven't done before
3)      This was a picture takin’ opportunity at its finest
4)      Being able to have a few glasses of wine and let a limo drive you around …I was SOLD! So Saturday finally rolled around and we hopped in this limo and headed north! And by north I mean like 5 miles from the Oklahoma boarder. Our first stop was at Homestead Winery where we met the cutest lady who did our tastings for us in this beautiful old Victorian style home that was over 100 years old. This is also where we ate our lunch on a cute patio outside.
Next stop-Lenoir-Sage Vineyard. They are more focused on the alcohol content of the wine and let me tell ya, they had it going on! I don’t think many of us could finish a full tasting, it was intense!
Our last stop was by far everyone’s absolute favorite. It was so beautiful and a perfect place for some photo ops...Grayson Hills Winery was the perfect way to end the day....
[we even climbed in some trees]
I don't know that I would revisit the first 2 wineries, but I would absolutely love going back to Grayson Hills Winery and spending the entire day there just relaxing, sitting on the deck, enjoying some sun AND wine of course! 
It was such a great girls day that once we were dropped back off at home, I think everyone passed out and took a little nap. It's exhausting having so much fun! Which makes me think of the next months coming up. Almost every weekend until mid October is already booked up. It could or could not have to do with being in 2 more weddings this year. That's right two MORE, I was already in one this year and I have a couple more to go....And although it makes me exhausted just thinking about it all, I am super excited because it is all fun with great friends! I am really excited about Memorial Day Weekend in 5 days!!! I will be on the lake getting my tan on for the 3 day holiday weekend. I hope you all have fun plans as well!

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