Monday, July 16, 2012

Exactly what I needed...

...was this weekend. With no set plans. Relaxed, slow paced and easy going. It was great. And no, I did not spend the weekend in my bed, this girl cannot sit at home and do nothing for more than a couple hours. But I did get to hang out with a bunch of friends I haven't seen in a while and saw a couple four movies. Please join me for my:

Friday Night
I got off of work and watched a Netflix that came in the mail.
It was okay. Not the best. Was released in 2010 so a little older. But then a bunch of us went for dinner & drinks at this bar called Malarkey's Tavern. What I would like to think as a very standard Irish Pub, only they had beer flights & $5 pizzas! It was the bomb dot com. Although I did not partake in the beer or pizza, I really want to go back because I love FLIGHTS! They are like my favorite thing ever because a) they are super cute b) I don't like to pay to try new things because I am picky & what if I don't like it? and c) I am the most indecisive chick ever, so I love that I get options people!
Then we went to meet up with the Kickball folk. I love these people. They know how to party. Just look at shot block. Shes a beauty!

Woke up for an early morning run. Not early enough. It was hot and sticky and not fun. But what made great was an angel was sent to my door. Insert friendly wonderful maid who cleaned my house from top to bottom while I sat there. My house is sparkling and smells glorious! {side note, this is the first time I have ever had a maid. It was a one time only, deep clean my house please & thank you kind of a deal}
That afternoon me and the rooms {roommate people!} went to see the new Katy Perry movie. It was really cute! Came home ate some supper and decided it was a good night for some fro-yo. I think I died when I was sampling and came across "Sea Salt Caramel Pretzel". OMG heaven in my mouth.
That night I was beyond exhausted and decided to cuddle up in bed and rent Mirror Mirror. I almost didn't make it through the movie because I was super tired, but it was also super cute! Gotta love Julia Roberts...

Sunday is always a lazy day for me, but I woke up bright and early again for another run and the rain the night before made the weather so much more enjoyable then the previous day. I like to explore a lot when I run to find new places and beautiful sites. Sometimes I even find scary ally ways that I decided to sprint down :)
Followed by heading to see The Amazing Spider Man. Now I guess I didn't know what I thought I was seeing, but I was real bored for the first hour of the movie because it was almost identical to the first Spiderman. I guess I thought it was going to start where the last one finished, but it didn't. Later it was explained to me that it is kinda like Batman now where they just keep redoing the series but with different people and different endings. Whatev is all I have to stay. But once the action started about halfway through, I was reeled back in. It was really good and I love me some Emma Stone.
And of course ended with a good ol' polish change.
e.l.f. Teal Blue + e.l.f. Fairy Dust. This is a bad picture, but it basically looks like a speckled egg during Easter but with Gold Flakes. Real Cute :)

Hope your weekend was just as relaxing, Have a great week everyone!

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