Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Weekend Update {a day late}

This weekend was my time to celebrate the 4th of July! I know it was early, but what a sucky day of the week to have a really great holiday! Wednesday, seriously?!

Anyway, if you didn't catch on, I went to the lake again. Anywhere with water during the summer is my favorite place to be. And tag on a holiday and we are golden :)

Friday night we went to a local Trinity bar...Real classy establishment ;)
Saturday was all lake day

I watched Dirty Dancing right before I went to the lake and got everyone pumped about the quotes, songs and dancing so much that we had to do some water lifts!
{now I, had the time of my life, and I owe it all to YOUUUUUU}
And then decided it was a good idea to bathe in the lake. 
{Just to remind myself for the future, this does not  work}
That night we got to see fireworks which were so pretty and we had the best seats, right on the water!
We wanted to get a little more sun on Sunday before we left, but the heavens opened up and let the rain pour down. I guess it just wasn't meant to be....

Anyway, that was my weekend update, sorry it's a day late! I only get off work tomorrow for the holiday and then it's back to the daily grind. I have been really jealous of all you people that have off a lot of the week and can enjoy the sun. But at the end of the day, bills have to get paid! I hope everyone has such a great Holiday week!

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