Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday's Letters


Linking up today for Friday's Letters:

Dear FedEx, thank you for delivering my very first e.l.f. package when you said you would. I was super duper excited to get it and try all my new goodies so I was happy I didn'y have to worry about the tracking. You know I am a stickler for promptness :)

Dear e.l.f., So far you are living up to the hype I have heard about. I have some pretty particular skin that I like to take care of so only time will tell if I will be a repeat customer. I have some favs and not so favs that I will have to let all my frans know about soon once I have tested it all out for a while...

Dear 4th of July, I wish I could have celebrated you better, so next year please don't be on such a horrible day of the week! (just FYI, it is on a Thursday, getting warmer!)

Dear sweet sweet Zachary Zahn & Chris, thanks for making my favorite movie Dirty Dancing come to life at the lake last weekend. It truly tickled my heart and I love you both. We will miss you Zach!

Dear OPI, thanks for having such great colors that coat well. I love trying new colors in the summer. Now if you could please reduce your prices just a tad I would be greatly appreciative!
And Dear Essie, I would never paint my nails as much as I do now if I had not come across "Good to Go". It is a life saver to those impatient ladies like myself who are always movin'

Dear schedule, thanks for letting me stay home this weekend, although the weekend is just as busy with things to do and people to see. You are such a trickster making me think that we would be resting. I should have known better...

Dear sun, you hid from me last weekend. I am hoping to rekindle our love this weekend. So please shine bright on Chendra's neck of the woods Saturday as I will be pool side. Thanks!

Oh and Dear Chendra, I am borrowing your boots this weekend, k, thanks :)

Dear instagram, thank you for keeping me up to date on all my friends having a blast, drinking it up, getting their tans on this week while I was looking at a computer screen. Real rude! Thank God today is Friday and I can start havin' some fun too!

Happy Friday and have a really wonderful weekend everyone!

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