Monday, July 9, 2012

Weekend Update {pool, housewarming & star wars?}

How was everyone's weekend? Mine was very laid back. Seemed to go by pretty quickly, but I feel like I got so much done and still had a little time for fun!

Friday was a movie night spent at home baking some Pink Lemonade & Red Velvet Cupcakes. I really love baking when I get the chance, but don't very often because I don't want it sitting in the house - aka sitting in my belly! Luckily I had a party on Saturday that I could get rid of these at!

Saturday, I got to spend some time by the pool with my friend Chendra. The sun was out, the boys grilled and it was just enough time to get a little color on my skin. Too bad for me this weekend, I forgot my camera everywhere I went. Luckily the iPhone comes in handy for a few good shots...
Then I went to a house warming party with some friends...
And then finished the night with Chendra dressing me up for what SHE thinks should be my next Halloween costume - Tucker included.
They thought Tucker looked like an Ewok from Star Wars and my hair was perfect for Princess
Leia. I guess that was their way of letting both of us know we needed hair cuts :)

And Sunday was spent doing my favorite things - organizing, planning, cleaning, grocery shopping and painting my nails
{OPI Bright Lights - Big Color}

Have a great week! Here's to it going by fast..........

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  1. You seriously have the craziest life! I wish I could do half the stuff you do!

    Anywhoo I wanted to let you know that I chose you for the Leibster Award! Head over to my page and check it out!