Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Girls Weekend Re-Cap

I know I am a day late with my weekend re-cap. So so sorry. But once I got home on Sunday, I still had the normal Sunday errands to prepare me for the week. But today we get to focus on the amazing girls weekend that was filled with sun, fun and lots of laughs. Check it out:

We left Thursday morning and headed to Horseshoe Bay which is in the Texas Hill Country. B-E-A-U-TIFUL! When we got to the hotel, we headed straight for the pool & Yacht Club Marina. Getting in the water before the sun went down was our top priority!
That night we did dinner and walked around the property checking out the place.
Fast forward through our slumbers, most of Friday was spent in Frederickberg, TX. Should you have a love of wine, this is the place to be. They have Vineyards & Wineries for tastings & tours available and the views are breathtaking and the wine is pretty good as well. I mean who could turn down a sweet Texas Red? We went did 3 wine tastings and 1 tour. We also stopped by this amazing place called das Peach Haus which sells amazing jellys/jams/preserves/salsas/dips. And they have it all out for you to sample. Lets just say lunch was served.
And of course when we got back to the hotel, only one thing was on our minds again....
Swimming & Glow In The Dark Line Dancing. That's right. This place was like Dirty Dancing with all the activities throughout the hotel. And glow in the dark line dancing is one we did not want to miss. I would like to think we started the party as we may have been the first ones busting moves on the lawn, but it wasn't until we met some 12-13 year old girls on vacation that I felt like I was in the movie Now & Then. They thought they were the bees knees because they were hanging out with a bunch of 30 year olds. That's right, they thought we were 30! I think the exact statement was, "Yeah, yall look young, like 30". I am sorry. I am still claiming mid-twenties and these girls were trying to rush me into my early thirties. Not cool.
Basically they wanted to be like us when they grew up and take girls trips. Forward to Saturday where we headed to Llano, TX where we spent most of the day on the Llano River soaking up rays and sliding down chutes. It was probably my favorite thing we did.
And once we left there, we ended right where we started the trip...pool time!

Can I go back pah-leasssse?
Toodles :)

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  1. Um...I am SUPER jealous right now!! So fun!! I need to visit this Horseshoe Bay.