Tuesday, August 28, 2012

How to be a princess {a guide to Prince Harry's heart}

Happy Happy Tuesday. What an uneventful day. The only thing I find wonderful about Tuesday is that it is not Monday. 
But never the less, we all have to get through it. Like my friend Shelly here:
Somehow this lucky gal has to try and get through this week knowing that it ends with 7 days in London.
LONDON people!
Can we say super jealous?

Well we wanted to make sure she was prepared for a run in with Prince Harry. She could meet him, fall in love with that spicy ginger and snap, just like that, become a princess.

Crazier things have happened, right?

So how does one come up with the guide to be a princess. GOOGLE of course. Well here is what we found out should you as well come in contact with Prince Harry.

How to be a Princess in 10 Easy Steps

1) Be gracious, polite and patient. You always want to hear what everyone you meet has to say. Your manners and innate sense of refinement are what separate you from 'new money'

2) Dress elegantly and with refinement. Quite self-evident. Nothing tacky, overly revealing or inappropriate. Hats, pastels and family jewels are all good. Pick a local designer and champion them. Shop ethically.

3) Be well groomed. Daily hygiene is a must, but there is no need to be a little madam and deal damage to your credit card like a bull in a china shop. Just find some great handmade cosmetics and let nature make you as beautiful as you are.

4) Act like a lady. Always be a lady. This means sitting up straight and walking tall. It means using decorum and respecting yourself.

5) Hold elegant dinner parties. Everybody likes a well-hosted dinner party with a kind and gracious host. Besides, you'll probably get flowers and gifts and every princess likes that.

6) Refrain from raising your voice and yelling at people.

7) Be kind to people and animals around you at all times.

8) Don't laugh loudly and a lot. If you laugh a lot they'll think that you're dumb. Also make sure your laugh fits into the "dainty" category and not the "disgusting" one.

9) Don't be very excited about a certain thing. This makes you seem immature and stupid. A princess must always stay calm in any situation.

10) Keep food or drink, briefcases or files in your left hand. Keep your right hand free for handshakes while circulating at a party or social gathering -- whether hostess or guest, the people, not the food or drink, should be your main focus.

So that's it. That's the list. What do you think? Could you be a princess? I think we have a little more refinement to do with Shelly before she heads out, but I cannot wait to say I know royalty :)

~Cheerio ~