Thursday, August 23, 2012

Needing a little inspiration this week....

uhhhh, I don't know what it is about this week, but I have been super unmotivated to do much of anything.
I mean I have not blogged since last week, I really am having a hard time getting off my mass of my ass and run. And on top of it all I was traveling for work all last week and it totally threw me off healthy eating. 
I mean I work for hotel's here people, which means they want to wine & dine you. So it's hard when they are feeding you breakfast, lunch & dinner to stay focused. I did run a little once while I was out, but traveling   = routine out the window.
And now that I am back to reality, I don't know if it is the heat, or the fact that I have my nose planted in a really great book (Where We Belong, Emily Giffin), but I'll tell ya one thing, I don't want to wake up early, I haven't been going to bed on time, and I certainly have seen less sweat this week.
So how do I fix this funk? PINTEREST BABY!

Although I have been unmotivated, I still am making an effort. I did boot camp on Monday & Wednesday and plan to on Saturday as well. I am back on the 'ol healthy eating kick now that I am not traveling. Now I just have to fit my running schedule back in there. Baby steps. Just gotta keep my goal in mind!
Alright, running tonight. No excuses!
All In My Twenties


  1. good idea to pinterest..... somebody told me last week to set it as a background on your phone! I still need to try it but I think it's a great idea.... good luck getting motivated!

  2. Pintrest is the best for inspiration!

    You are right girlie, baby steps and you can do this!

  3. It has been hard for me to eat healthy lately too! I have two more contests coming up, so I need to get in check. Haha. Have I mentioned that you have word verification on? The last comment I made took me FIVE times to get it right :( You should turn it off, and we can all have more time to comment :)