Friday, August 10, 2012

It's a shower kinda weekend

Hello Hello, Good Morning Good Morning.

I am writing you from HOME. Not the house or city I actually live in each day, but where my heart is. My real home. Houston! This is where I grew up, where my family & friends are and where I want more than anything to eventually get back to when it's the right move for me. And for now, the Big D (Dallas) is just a hop, skip and a god awful car ride away, but it will do for now :)

But the real reason I am home this weekend is because two of my friend's are getting married in October and this is the weekend of showers, showers & more showers!

These are my dear friends Katie & Kevin.
So tonight the bridesmaids are putting on a really fun lingerie shower for Katie. She doesn't know too much about it, but with the group of girls throwing it-me included-i see lots of shenanigans in the future.

Then Saturday night is their couples shower, which is not going to be like the whole, lets sit down and ooo & aww over the cute gifts they just received. It is going to be a put on your best Mustache and pour your strongest drink and lets get silly to celebrate these two crazy love birds.

Wanna know a little back story? If no, stop reading because I am going to tell you anyway how I met my dear friend Katie:

Katie went to Texas State & I went to the University of Houston. I joined Delta Zeta and became friends with a Sigma Nu who happened to be dating Katie at the time. He talked about her all the time and showed us pictures, so eventually we got to meet her when she would come in town to see him. Little did we all know, she pledged Delta Zeta at Texas State as well and was actually going to transfer to the University of Houston the next year!

It was like we were meant to meet and become the bestest of friends.

Katie is always down for a great time, anything that involves being silly is up her ally. I think that is why we get along so well. Sil Sil Sil.

Like the time we put a sign on her Jetta in college that said "Hot Pink Route" and picked college kids up at the bus stops and ask if they wanted a ride! (we made those kids' days)

Here is an old FB post from our college days:

Fun with Kate n Sam: EPISODE ONE
-flying over ladders in the middle of the highway going ummm about 100 MPH
-lubys trips
-squirting butter on ppl @ the lubys trips
-falling in the bushes @ the lubys trips
-cellar bar
-coast guards(and their SS#)
-stealing rugs(from more places than the DZ house)
-meeting new people RANDOMLY
-glasses of water...AFTER BEING TUCKED IN!
-yummy food in spring (NOT)
-exotic pet shops
-crazy scary birds that cant fly
-little boys holding hands in the street
-boys peeing in the bushes
-boys hiding in the bushes while boys are peeing in the bushes

So I am not quite sure I remember what all of those are about, but I do know one thing...

I love this girl and can't wait to get silly this weekend with her!!!!


  1. Love your post!! DZ love! Check out my page today....I nominated you for an award!

  2. boozy wedding festivities are the vest! Have fun and be safe driving to and fro!

    ps I always thought you lived in Houston.

    1. thanks! and I wish I still lived in Houston :(

      P.S. I enjoyed reading it as "the vest", made me laugh and I would have never known it was a mistake, just cool new lingo, haha