Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Lingerie + Mustaches {the perfect match}

So I know I said I would re-cap yesterday, but my normal Sunday routine was a little off due to me traveling back into town & then leaving again to travel for work all week. I am just now getting some alone time in my hotel room (the silence is amazing) to show ya some pics from Katie's Pin Up Themed Lingerie Shower & Katie & Kevin's Mustache Bash Couples Shower.

{Get ready for a photo overload}
Lingerie Shower
 Mustache Bash
 Late Night Swim Sessions
Both parties were so much fun, the decorations were spot on and the food was delicious. I had such a fun weekend. So fun in fact, that it really is nice to be in hotels all week being taken care of so I do not have to lift a finger. Thank the Lord!

And for this weekend, my parents are coming to visit and I could not be more happy!!! I miss them so much, plus mommy likes to take me shopping :)

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  1. This is so fun!!! I LOVE the cake and am quite a fan of mustaches.