Monday, June 25, 2012

Home Sweet...Tears?

Well this weekend did not disappoint. I had such a great time back home that it may have ended in tears [I'm a big baby, story to come later]

So Friday I flew into Houston and let me tell you about my flight. I didn't notice that I was on United's "Express Jet" flight. Have you ever been on one of these? Well let me tell you that it was the smallest airplane I had ever been on and I was NOT impressed. It was compact and rickety, I was so close to the cock pit that I could have helped steer the plane should they have needed help! Then you did not even get a real terminal gate and had to walk outside to get on & off the plane. Great points about the flight? The ultimate way to get back & forth from Dallas to Houston. I never want to make that drive again. It was a quick 50 minutes as opposed to 3.5 hours of driving. Also, the flight attendant looked, sounded and even had the same name as Lloyd from Entourage.
Anyway, enough ranting about my flight {missing you Continental}. That night we went out for Jessica's Bachelorette Party. Now these things are usually kept under wraps but I will give you a few pictures for your viewing pleasure...
On Saturday we surprised Jessica with a secret activity. We took her to one of Sheila Kelley's S Factor studios....Pole Dancing Classes people. Legit Pole Dancing. {side fact, Sheila Kelley is an actress, like legit actress, as in Lilly's sister/Blair's crazy aunt on Gossip Girl} Now I wasn't really sure what to expect and I think we were all kind of embarrassed imagining what we might have to do in this class. You walk into the studio where the classes take place and there are 6 poles in the center of the room with yoga mats around them. The room had a dim color of red hues and lite only by unique lamps and lanterns hanging through out the room.
She had us start getting on a mat while she lowered the lights even more. The instructor had us do dance moves on the floor first that worked your core. Then taught us how to stand, dance & walk seductively. It was all pretty amusing until you loosened up and just went with it. I think we all had the most fun trying the pole tricks. It took a lot of upper body strength. A LOT. There was some uncomfortableness at first and definitely some giggling across the room because we didn't know what to expect. I would totally recommend it and totally would do it again. It was so much fun and seriously was an amazing workout {my entire body is sore people!}. There isn't one up here in Dallas so if you are in the California, New York, Chicago or Houston areas, you should check it out. SAMANTHA'S STAMP OF APPROVAL :)

Moving on...........That night we had our Fall '04 Reunion. I was so happy to catch up with these ladies. It had been so long since I had seen them, and you can only keep up with someone for so long through social media. I need girl time! Face to face. We started at The Tasting Room in Uptown Park which in a wine bar. We ordered a ton of food and a few bottles to share between the group of us before we headed to Little Woodrows' patio area in the Heights.
When it got to the goodbyes is where the waterfalls started. I don't know what was in the air because I was completely fine but then I was speaking to Mackenzie and it went a little something like this:

Mac: Bye Sammie {hug}
Me: I wish I could move back to do this more often!
Mac: I know, I will miss you...
Me: I think I might cry.
Mac: {Laughing, thinking I was just being sarcastic}
Me: {Insert tears pouring out of my eyes}
Mac: Oh my goodness you were not kidding!
Everyone else: {realizing I am crying out of nowhere} What happened? Why are you crying? Don't cry! We will see you again! You will be back before you know it!

I am a huge baby. I have been up in Southern Oklahoma Dallas for over a year now. I have made several trips back home, all which had to come to an end, goodbyes and hugs exchanged and never had this happen to me. Now to back ground my emotional-ness, I have always lived "in or around" Houston, Texas. All my family, friends, memories and my heart reside in that silly little big city. I am a huge home body and never really wanted to move away. Now Dallas is not a big jump away from the nest but for me it was a huge step. So I am not sure what about this trip made the waterworks appear but I truly love that city and the love that beams for me in it. I hope someday to head back but for now, Dallas is doing me just fine...It also helps that I am super busy and always on the go! Until next time dearest Houston....


  1. You are so sweet!! When I move to Dallas can we be best friends??? PS I will be there from this Fri-Wed! You need to get my digits from Steph TODAY!

  2. BFFs fo sho! I will be gone all weekend to the lake, but will message you my number on the FB for when I get back!