Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Welcome To Our Nation's Capitol [Part 2]

[if you didn't catch part 1 of this post, check it our here]

It's part 2 of my DC trip here starting with...

{Day 3}
So on Saturday we visited: Union Station, The Lincoln Memorial, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, the Korean War Veterans Memorial, the Washington Monument, the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, the White House, the World War II Memorial and the Newseum. Lets just say all of that equals a lot of miles for my little ol' feet. I wish I knew how many miles I walked for the entire weekend. I am sure I worked off a meal or two...right? All the monuments were really cool, but my favorite thing we did was check out the Newseum. It is an interactive museum that takes you through the history of how news happened then and now. How it travels, how it impacts worlds and it was one museum that kept me entertained the entire time. It also has one of the most emotional 9-11 exhibits I have seen. We were all in tears and had chills. The last part allows you to be some type of news anchor. We chose to be weather women-it was so much FUN!
We were exhausted after this day, but we were super pumped for the night ahead. The boys had planned a fun house party planned for us Texan folk. Everyone was so sweet and welcoming. This was our last night in DC and we definitely brought the south up north!

{Day 4}
The Final Day in DC :(
We were sooo tired and our toes could not take much more, but it was our last day in DC annnnnnd out flight didnt take off until 8 PM - so we went out one last time to see Our Nation's Capitol! A day at the National Archives and the Smithsonian National Museum of American History. We pretty much wobbled from exhibt to exhibt because we were pooped! We sat every chance we saw a chair/stool/couch/bench but we topped it off with dinner at Matchbox before we headed to the airport. The best part....dessert! It was warm cinnamon sugar coated donut holes, a warm chocolate cake with icecream and 3 types of sorbet.
It was to.die.for. Needless to say, I passed out for the entire flight home.......Great trip!

Now when I said I was busy for the next couple of months, I was not lieing. Coming up this month:
1) One of my best friend's wedding shower back home
2) My first ever minor league game
3) Houston Girls Weekend including a Delta Zeta Fall '04 Reunion
4) And back to the lake for the 4th of July!

I am exhasted just thinking about it all, but so ready! Bring it on June!

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  1. I never get tired of DC!! There is always so much to see and do!! Looks like you had an amazing time!!