Monday, June 18, 2012

Just Some Me Time

I don't have some really great story about my father's day weekend. Unfortunately for the past year have been in another city than my family so while those lucky dogs were at the lake, I was stuck here. My roommate was gone for the weekend and for the first time in along time I was not traveling or had a weekend full of plans. You bet your bottom dollar that I took full advantage of all this alone time. I mean don't get me wrong, I love socializing but I have always been a fan of some me time. Now I didn't just sit home alone like a bum. But it was nice to have very minimal to do :)

I celebrated a friend's birthday on Friday night...
[sorry for the horrible picture quality, forgot the good camera at home]
Happy Birthday "Nasty Nate"!

And then on Saturday, my WAKA Kickball League had a gathering at the Dr. Pepper Ball Park to watch the Frisco RoughRiders play the Corpus Cristie Hooks over some BBQ & Beverages!
That was my second baseball game I had gone to last week! I have only lived in Dallas for a little over a year and this was the first time ever being up here that I went to a game. And who knew I would go to 2 games in one week and have absolutely amazing seats for both!

[see below for Wednesday's game at the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington]
Rangers Game equaled dollar hot dog night + cheering in the rain + fancy seats & great friends!

As for Sunday's plans, like I said, I could not celebrate Father's Day with the family so I spent the day to myself. I finally saw the Hunger Games (really great by the way!), spent a lot little bit of money on myself, cleaned the house, laundry, grocery store-ya know, normal Sunday fun ;) And although I couldn't be there I know my step-father was right where he wanted to be. On the lake, riding the jet skis, grilling out. So here's to you dear Curtis Stover! I hope your day was filled with so many smiles. I know my gift is late but there was shipping involved and it is headed your way! Thank you for all you have done for me, your the greatest! Love you!


  1. Hey girl! Saw your comment on "Blog Snobs" today and had to stop in :) It's nice to see other people out here who just like to write and "meet" other people and don't care about how many people are following along. My blog is growing, which is awesome-- but it's seriously so fun getting to know people all over the country! :)

    1. Hi!! I completely agree! I am not a "serious" blogger yet but to me this is just for fun and whoever really wants to read about silly little me then go right ahead. thanks for stopping by, I'm headed your direction next!