Thursday, June 14, 2012


I like very little but am obsessed with what I do like.

For instance, I am one of those picky eaters {as in I don't like much anything}. Count me out on anything green, or chunky. I like it plain & dry -ketchup only please- I am that girl that modifies everything. But I tell ya, when I do find something that I will try and actually like, I crave it and am obsessed...

[Food Obsessions]
1) Aidell's Hawaiian Chicken Meatballs
I came across these at Sam's Club. They are all natural and made with pineapple, ginger & teriyaki. Right up my taste bud alley!
2) Tommy Bahamas Tortilla Soup
Like I said, I do not like chunky things, so this is the one and only tortilla soup I will eat because everything is pureed
3) Popsicles
If you know me, you know I eat these like 2 at a time. I stick with the sugar free kinds though!
4) Firehouse Brisket Sandwich
I'm from Texas, y'all, which means BBQ is always an option and this puts me over until Rodeo Season
5) Homemade Smoothies
This is something I really enjoy, because I can choose what is in it and save money while making a single serving at home in my magic bullet.

[TV Obsessions]
Things I watch are pretty much typical girly/reality type shows
1) So You Think You Can Dance
my absolute favorite on TV, have yet to miss a season-I laugh, cry, I go into a slight depression that I can't dance...
2) Anything "Real Housewives Of..."
Fav is OC and not sure if I like the new NYC ladies, only time will tell
3) Greys Anatomy
DUH! And what a cliff hanger they left us with!
4) Bachelorette
Rooting for Sean!!!
5) Mrs. Eastwood & Company
was not quite sure that I would enjoy this but now I am hooked and totally recommend it. The show is reality following Clint Eastwood's wife & 2 daughters.
*things not so girly that I love and can't wait to come back on TV are The Walking Dead and Sons of Anarchy*

[Summer Obsessions]
1) Maxi Dresses
I love me a good maxi dress, so flowy, so summer and so flattering on any body type!
2) Big Shades
The bigger the better I say, but my mother continues to say I look like a bug.
3) Neon Colors
I am obsessed with bright colors this summer and they look great on some sun kissed skin
4) Fresh Paint
My nails are in need of some fresh paint as we speak, but I feel like summer time you can go crazy with the colors and it be okay...right? What's your favorite summer color?

[Vanity Obsessions]
1) Jergens Natural Glow
I have sensitive skin, so can't use a lot of things on my face with oils/perfumes/heavy creams but my face does agree with Jergens Natural Glow. I love that it has a tint & an SPF!
2) Bare Minerals Warmth
I am not a naturally tan person but on the occasion when I am, I don't like to have 2 different shades of bronzer to keep on hand. This stuff works great for light coverage on the not so tan days & also great to even out your complexion on those darker days...
3) Mac Retrospeck Eyeshadow
This is my go to, day to day eye shadow. I love it because it is simple, goes with almost anything and has a little shimmer to it.
4) Essie's good to go!
I swear by this stuff that it is the absolute best thing I have ever come across. I am wayyy to impatient to sit and watch nail polish dry. This is the perfect top coat and you can move around after about 3-5 minutes! I even take it to the nail shops with me and have them use it so I don't have to sit there for half of my afternoon under the dryer
5) Rimmel Lash Accelerator & L'Oreal Extra Volume Collagen Plumping Mascaras
You want a review on some mascara? Then I am your girl. This is about the only thing in my life that I do not mind trying new things. I have found a lot of favorites and some not so favorites. But what I am loving right now is Rimmel's Lash Accelerator for length and L'Oreal Extra Volume Collagen Plumping Mascara for volume. What is even better is when you mix the two together. I usually will use Rimmel in the morning and then if I am going out later, I will re-apply with L'Oreal for some great lashes!

Anyway, I just wanted to share some of my favorite things I am obsessing over these days...What are your favorites?

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  1. You know I always like a good popsicle!! LOL
    Going to have to try these! RHWOC!! Do you like Bev Hills?!