Friday, June 29, 2012

Guess, I dare ya + My First Link Up Ever!

Does anyone want to guess what my plans are for this weekend? Am I staying? Am I going? I am sure you can guess that I am not staying put this weekend. Why should it be any different then the past couple months of my crazy, always on the go life I have come accustom to? 

Now I know me heading out of town was an easy guess just based on my traveling consistency lately but can you guess where I am going? I will give you a few hints. 

I've already been there once this year. 

It is a pretty perfect place to celebrate the 4th of July.

It will require a car to get to and I don't have to get on a flight.

Any takers? Can you guess it?

Well if you thought I was going to tell you, then you are wrong dear friends. I will let you know about my weekend on Monday to keep ya guessing. You can all find out then. Unless you follow me on Instagram (@sammiepayne) or are so privileged to follow me on the good ol FB, then you will just have to wait :)

Now onto my first link up EVER! This is pretty exciting. I didn't really understand the whole link up thing when I first started le blog but I am going to give it a try because some of them seem really fun! I can't promise consistency here people, but I will try to participate when I can! And now, please help me welcome:

Dear ABC Family: Thank you for showing one of my all time favorite movies, Dirty Dancing. I could watch it over and over again. And trust I will be doing that final number at my wedding some day {lift and all}

Dear Life: I know we have been busy lately, but I am super pumped that the next 2 weeks should be pretty uneventful. Two whole weekends with no travel plans. Lets try to keep it that way.

Deal e.l.f. Make Up Package: you just shipped but I wanted you yesterday. Please hurry as I am really excited to try your products.

Dear Kaboom Town: I have heard you are one of the nation's best firework shows, so please don't disappoint on Tuesday as my expectations are high.

Dear Instagram Followers: Sorry for the possible obnoxious picture posts you might see this weekend. And then sorry again if you have to re-view them next week on my weekend re-cap.

Ok, I think I did it right, how did I do for my first time? Well I'm outta here! I hope you all have a really great weekend, see ya!


  1. Wooo Friday's Letters is my favorite link up :)Going to follow you on Insta now!

  2. Just stumbled across your blog... Great link up! I keep meaning to do one but am not sure how to go about it! Ha... Maybe i'll give it a shot on Friday! Have fun over the 4th, interested to see where you are going!