Friday, June 8, 2012

It's Friday, Friday, Gotta get down on Friday!

--insert Rebecca Black's Friday Song--

{Friday Photo Dump}

  1. imPress Press On Nails by Nicole Schernzinger = not so great. They look and feel fake. And if your nails are not perfectly shaped like the fake nail, it leaves a gap. Plus you can tell on the sides. I had mine on for a total of 4 hours before I got annoyed.
  2. Scary basements. They were everywhere in DC and we just don't do basements here in Texas. Maybe it is the fact that I have seen way too many scary movies and it seems like anyone who travels down never comes out...Lets just say I wasn't going down....."Always have an escape route"
  3. The ends of my hair were a mess and I hate getting my hair cut because I am scared of those scissor holdin hands. I wait as long as I possibly can to make an appointment, but I always am grateful once it is over with because my hair always looks soooo healthy and full! I only ever get a trim so there is nothing new to see here people...
  4. I'm not a big jewelry wearer, but I am getting better!! I really love this Fossil Stella Resin Watch - Pearlized White with Rose look. Hopefully soon I will be the owner :)
  5. BEST.DAY.EVER. I checked my stats the other day and I have had 1,000 page views since I started up this ol' blog of mine. How exciting! I know this is nothing compared to some of you tenured bloggers, but it made me smile and that's all that matters!
  6. Summer. enough said.
  7. My poor little boy Tucker got the 'ol snip snip this week. He is staying with my parents until I pick him up on Sunday, so he is in good hands. I can't wait to see him again, I am sure he misses his momma!
  8. "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take" Came across this and think I need to apply it to my life right now. I always play too timid that I might fail and I just need to go for it...
  9. Miss these girls soooo much. I can't wait to head back and see them in a couple of weeks for the Delta Zeta Fall '04 Reunion :)
  10. And finally. If you know me, you know I don't eat much or try anything new. but I did try [on my own I might add] a Mandarin and LOVED it. Because I am so picky, I love when I find a new item that I actually like! Bought a whole bag to eat this week.
  11. Now there is not a number 11 above, but I just realized I forgot all about those red lips up there. I don't really wear lip stick, don't think I ever have. I am more of a chap stick & lip gloss kinda girl. But I tried it a while ago and sorta kinda maybe liked it. It might have been how sassy it made me look or the fact that it made my lips look plumper (actual size = very small people) but it was a fun look I am willing to try again!
Alright y'all, I am headed to spend the weekend with my longest known friend Chendra and her fiance David for their wedding shower.
[please ignore my terrible try at bangs, never again-do you see now why I am afraid of scissors?]
I am also super pumped to see these two beauties
My dear friend Ashley & her new little girl, Gemma. I have yet to meet Gemma and all I want to do is hold her! I know she will love her Auntie Samantha :)
Until Monday dear bloggy readers...

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